Our Story

Hi! I’m Stephanie, The Benevolent Bee. I’m a beekeeper, environmental educator, amateur herbalist, artist, homemaker, and mama to two junior beekeepers in training. I’m passionate about bees, natural living, and raising healthy, creative and happy kids.

I have been observing, learning from, and teaching about bees for almost ten years! Last year I wrote The Benevolent Bee (Quarry Books, 2017), a book about the amazing products of the honey bee hive. The talented photographer, Graham Burns, took some incredible photos that bring the words to life. Purchase your copy today!

When not playing with the bees or pouring candles, I can be found stomping in mud puddles with Clara (5) and Atticus (3).  When not helping me at the apiary, Mr. Benevolent Bee (Emile) works as a research scientist in the Annenberg School at the University of Pennsylvania doing research on social cognition and conflict resolution.

At left, you can watch a short video introducing our family and our bees.